At Beartooth Hydroseed Company, LLC, we pride ourselves on the high quality hydroseeding services we provide. Our Northwestern Wyoming customers know they can trust us for our high quality, affordable hydroseeding services.

With a lawn installation project, there are basically two choices: hydroseed or sod. Our installed hydroseed typically is about 1/3 the cost of installed sod. Our goal is to have the hydroseeded grass established like sod at 60-90 days.

One of the biggest advantages of hydroseed is the ability to pick and choose the type of seed you may want. All sodded lawns typically look very similar; however, with hydroseed we can choose any seed mix we like.


The hydroseeding service we provide involves grass seeding installation or reclamation. There are three different services we can provide. The most common is the residential installation of a lawn or turf grass as a yard around a house, shop, etc. Hydroseeding is usually the last phase of a landscaping project and is installed after the sprinkler system is completed.

The second service is a commercial application which can be large scale turf grass projects or reclamation projects on jobsites where the existing grasses and soils have been disturbed. Examples of the commercial turf grass projects would include playgrounds around schools, city parks, commercial and municipal buildings, etc. Reclamation projects would include utility trenching projects that require reseeding, oil field reclamation of well sites, road & power line projects, grass airplane runways, etc.

And finally, the third hydroseeding service we can provide is the agricultural application. We can hydroseed field edges, ditch banks, slopes and other areas that are not readily accessible with large scale farm equipment. Reclaiming these areas with a good stand of grass will help control weeds along the ditch banks and field edges. We also provide fertilizing and weed spraying services for our hydroseeded lawns or existing lawns, and on small acreage projects.


Erosion control is also a service we can provide. This can involve hydromulch only, which can be used to stabilize hillsides, dirt piles, etc. from wind and water erosion. Erosion control can also be a part of the seeding process in which the hydromulch with a tackifier is providing the erosion control until the grass is established on the hillside, embankment, etc.


Our best asset is our follow-up service. Once the grass is planted, we provide consultation on proper watering of the new project. This includes monitoring the watering schedule and educating the customer about optimum watering during the entire first season. We provide timely fertilizing and weed spraying services, or educate the customer about what products to apply and when to apply them if they want to provide their own fertilizer and weed spraying. We also provide consultation on proper mowing techniques for new grass and the timing of the mowing. With proper timing and the right products and chemicals, we can guarantee an optimum lawn over the first growing season.

As you can see, Beartooth Hydroseed Company, LLC is dedicated to providing superior quality hydroseeding offerings at competitive prices. You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for and much more!

Beartooth Hydroseed Company, LLC wants to be your choice for hydroseeding services in the Big Horn Basin area. Contact us today or call us directly at 307-587-3973 for more information on the hydroseeding services we can offer you. Thank you for visiting us at Beartooth Hydroseed Company, LLC.



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"Our first contact with Barry was a few days prior to May 10, 2009. On May 10, 2009 and June 23, 2009, Barry and one of his employees sprayed our property for weeds in preparation..." Mark & Debbie Nus

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